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Lesson Summary Video for teachers

Note: This video is designed to help the teacher better understand the lesson and is NOT intended to be shown to students. It includes observations and conclusions that students are meant to make on their own.

Chemical splash goggles


Be sure you and the students wear properly fitting goggles.

Teacher Background

At any point while using a lesson, you could familiarize yourself with the following content background.

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Online Assignments

Supplement in-class learning with interactive, multimedia-rich Google Forms lesson modules, perfect for reinforcing key chemistry concepts and scientific investigation skills.

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Now Available in Spanish
Ahora disponible en español

Middle School Chemistry website, including all lesson plans, are now available in Spanish.
El sitio web de Química de la Escuela Secundaria, incluidos todos los planes de lecciones, ahora están disponibles en español.

Sitios Web en Español

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The 5-E instructional model is an approach to teaching and learning that focuses on active engagement, inquiry-based learning, and collaboration.

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Video used with permission from Chemical Education Exchange (ChemEd X)

Video used with permission from Roy Tasker, VisChem Project