Chemistry in Context is a text that teaches chemistry through real-world applications. The lab manual is no different! Each investigation mimics lab procedures used in research labs, and the investigations examine real-world issues. Students are guided through each investigation using the Science Writing Heuristic.  

The 9th edition lab manual includes 40 experiments. The nine new investigations are the following:

  • Isolation of protein from milk
  • Detection of ozone and particulates in the air
  • Synthesis of mauve dye
  • Analysis of sunscreens
  • Isolation of iron from breakfast cereal
  • Presumptive tests of drugs and drug residues on money
  • Synthesis of fruity esters
  • Degradation of poly(lactic acid), a biodegradable polymer
  • Fermentation of molasses and distillation of ethanol

Once you purchase the lab manual, instructors have accesss to an online resource guide, which includes reagent preparation, data sheets, answers to questions, and sample results to some experiments.

Learn more about the Chemistry in Context, 9e, Lab Manual:

Attend a CiC 9e workshop to learn more about the lab manual, including how to turn some of these great real-world investigations into demos and take-home experiments.