Partners for Progress and Prosperity Award

Purpose:  To encourage and recognize successful and exemplary partnerships, a Partners for Progress and Prosperity (P3) Award is to be established as a new award to be given by Local ACS Sections, ACS International Chapters, and ACS Regional Meetings.

These partnerships can be between industry, academia, government, small business and/or other organizations, including ACS local sections, ACS divisions, ACS international chapters, other societies or various entities domestic or overseas resulting in impactful outcomes in one or more of the following categories:

  • Improving the public perception and appreciation for chemistry
  • Promoting career advancement opportunities and/or supporting entrepreneurship in the chemistry enterprise
  • Advancing advocacy efforts with government and other thought leaders
  • Supporting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) education and/or research

Nature:  At the Regional Meeting levelthe award will consist of a special Partners for Progress and Prosperity silver/gold medallion plus a framed certificate of recognition (one for each Partner representing an entity or organization) plus up to $1,000 grant split equally between the partners to further the activities for which the award is made.

Local Sections and International Chemical Sciences Chapters are eligible to participate in the P3 Awards Program by acknowledging significant partnerships via a Salute to Excellence. The P3 Salute to Excellence award for local sections and international chapters consists of a commemorative plaque for presentation to the designated partners being honored. Each entity can designate one partnership to honor per year.

P3 Salute to Excellence winners from the local sections will automatically be included as candidates for the P3 Regional Meeting award. Nominations for the Regional Meeting P3 Award can also be submitted by ACS Committees, other governance entities, and ACS members.

P3 Salute to Excellence winners from the International Chemical Sciences Chapters will automatically be included as candidates for the annual Global P3 Award to be given at the International Activities reception at the ACS national meeting every Fall.

Eligibility:  A nominee may represent academia, industry, government, small business or other organizations such as a Local Section. Partnerships can include international ACS chapters, ACS divisions, or other entities domestic or overseas. The awards committee of the ACS Regional Meeting Board or the local section or international chapter will select the P3 Award winners. The International Activities Committee will select the winners of the Global P3 Award.

Establishment & Support:  This award was instituted in 2014 by a contribution from Marinda Li Wu out of her Immediate Past ACS President’s budget as part of her presidential initiatives to promote partnering for progress and prosperity. The funds will be evenly distributed at the end of 2014 to all Regional Meeting Boards who wish to participate. It will be up to each Regional Meeting Board how much to fund each P3 Award and whether any of the funds should be used to help support travel if needed.   It is Dr. Wu’s hope that this will be an ongoing award to recognize the importance of partnering and working together towards common goals to advance the global chemistry enterprise.

How to Apply                                                  
The deadline for receipt of nominations should be at least 6 weeks before the annual ACS Local Section Awards program/event or the start of each Regional Meeting.  For International Chapters, the nominations should be due at least 6 weeks before the ACS Fall national meeting.

Regional Meeting P3
Apply online for the Regional P3 Award by sending the following information to the appropriate Regional Meeting Board Chair.

The nomination package should include:

  • A letter of nomination describing the partnership, its activities, outcomes and impact
  • At least one, but no more than three supporting letters.
  • Mailing addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses for nominee and supporters must be provided

Local Section and International Chemical Sciences Chapters P3
Apply online for the Local Section and International Chapter P3 award via a Salutes to Excellence.

The Global P3 Award is administered by the International Activities Committee. For more information, click here or email