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Community Interaction Grant

Due to public health guidance around large group gatherings during the pandemic, this grant is closed to submissions until further notice.

Many studies point to the under-representation of minorities in the sciences. The Community Interaction Grant supports ACS Student Chapter projects and interactions that help improve the science learning experience of African American, Native American, Hispanic/Latino and Pacific Islander students, as well as economically disadvantaged students, in grades K-12.

ACS Student Chapters are eligible to receive up to $500 to support community interactions and projects from the ACS Student Communities Office. Grants are awarded each year to ACS Student Chapters that provide K-12 minority students with enriched hands-on science activities and give ACS student members an opportunity to enhance their skills as future teachers and mentors.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for a Community Interaction Grant, chapters must:

  1. Be a chartered ACS student chapter with active status
  2. Have obtained matching funds
  3. Must have submitted a final report for any Community Interaction Grant awards within the last 3 years
  4. Available only to domestic chapters (United States & Puerto Rico)

Project Goals

Your project should seek to:

  • Actively involve K-12 students, their teachers, and/or parents in hands-on science activities, as this a critical time for children to learn and become enthusiastic about the chemical sciences.
  • Enhance the involvement of your ACS student chapter in hands-on science education activities specifically targeting underserved minority children.
  • Strengthen the network of your ACS student chapter to interact with ACS local sections and other community groups.

Project Guidelines

Application Component
Proposal Summary
  • 300 words or less
  • No bullets or lists, must be in narrative format
  • Identifies key program elements such as: event title, date, and meeting name
  • Must not exceed 3 pages
  • Provides preliminary program/activity overview
  • Explains, in detail, program elements
  • Answers; What does the chapter hope to accomplish?
  • Identifes partnerships and roles of each partner
  • Details benefits for the chapter and target audience
  • Explains how the chapter plans to make this porgram repeatable
  • Budget proposals MUST use the Student Chapter Grants Budget Template (other formats will not be accepted)
  • Proposals must include anticipated income (grant funding, matching funds, in-kind donations, etc.)
  • Letters of support verifying that matched funds have been aquired are required and must be on OFFICIAL LETTERHEAD of the institution/organisation providing the funding
    • Factulty Advisors are not permitted to provide letters of support unless the advisor is the Department Chair
  • Chapters must provide a plan in their timeline to raise funds to cover negative costs for their program
  • Student chapters will be asked to complete a timeline that identifies 30, 60, 90 day milestones measured from the event date
  • Timelines MUST include plans for post-event analysis and final report milestones no later than 30 days after the event

Student Chapter Grants Budget Template

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