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Division Innovative Project Grant

Vision and Purpose

The ACS Divisional Activities Committee (DAC) funds new Division projects through Technical Division Innovative Project Grants (IPGs). This program encourages Technical Divisions to create innovative projects that will serve the Division members.

When you apply for an IPG, you will be prompted to enter your ACS ID to access the online grant application.   

** The 2020 Fall Cycle proposal deadline has been extended to Monday, July 27**


The following types of projects are eligible for Innovative Project Grants (IPGs):

  • Projects new to the applying Division
  • Projects intended to “seed” new ideas
  • A project that engages current Division members and helps to recruit new members
  • Pilot projects to be continued by the Division
  • Joint projects promoting collaboration between divisions, and between divisions and local sections (see Local Section IPG)
  • A project for a unique upcoming opportunity for the Division
  • A strategic planning project. Note: Please apply for strategic planning projects using the separate Strategic Planning IPG Application.

Submission Deadlines

February 15 Deadline (Spring Cycle)

  • Proposals submitted by February 1 will be reviewed at the Spring ACS National Meeting, and may be awarded, denied, or deferred to the Fall cycle to maximize resources. 
  • Funds for awarded Spring cycle proposals will be transferred to Division treasuries no later than May 1.

July 15 Deadline (Fall Cycle) - **Extended to July 27**

  • Proposals submitted between February 2 and July 15 will be considered during the Fall review cycle, and will be either funded or denied. 
  • Funds for awarded Fall review cycle proposals will be transferred to Division treasuries no later than December 31.

Application Requirements

Applications will be graded using the following rubrics. A review of these before you begin the application process may prove useful. Please read and address the categories accordingly. Additional requirements are listed below:

  1. Clear statement of project’s goal and innovative aspects.
  2. Brief project background.
  3. Detailed budget clearly justifying the funding amount requested.
  4. Details of additional funding sources for the project, if applicable and project budget exceeds requested amount.
  5. Support letter on Division letterhead, signed by current division chair. If the applicant is the division chair, the support letter must be signed by another executive committee member. The support letter must also include a brief status report for any currently ongoing division IPG.
  6. Signed letters of support from co­sponsoring Divisions, Local Sections, Committees, or other community groups, if applicable.
  7. Divisions must not have overdue Annual Reports, or outstanding IPG reports to be considered for a grant.
  8. A Final IPG Report must be submitted at the conclusion of the project.

Joint Division Applications

  • Each division should submit an application clearly stating the division's role and budgetary requirement in the project
  • Provide signed letters of support from all participating divisions
  • Intended for not more than three divisions per application

Available Funding

  • Maximum $7,500 for a single project
  • Maximum $12,500 for a joint project of two or more divisions
  • Funding of up to two active IPG projects per division, not more than $12,500 within a calendar year

What is Required After Award?

  • Funds must be used to support the proposed Division project.
  • Funds must be expended within two years following receipt of IPG funding.
  • A final report describing the use of funds and the effectiveness of the project is required within three months after conclusion of the project. 
  • Final reports must include a poster for presentation at a subsequent ACS national meeting Sci-Mix session, and for posting on the ACS Technical Division Innovative Project Grant webpage.
  • PLEASE NOTE: A funded project is considered active until a final report is submitted.

What Will Not Be Funded?

  • Honoraria, cash awards, or for creating endowments.
  • Events/projects that have taken place prior to the proposal deadline.
  • Continuing an existing program or project in the Division.
  • Travel and registration requests to non­ACS meetings.
  • Contemporaneous events with the meeting where the funding decision is made.
  • Divisions are eligible for not more than one Strategic Planning IPG in any 5 year period.

Other Available ACS Innovation Funding

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