Corporation Associates Seed Grant

ACS Corporation Associates (CA) considers requests for seed grants that further CA's role in areas agreed upon by the Committee. Funding guidelines for each applicant are generally up to $5,000 per calendar year. CA suggests the following areas for consideration:

  • Education in the field of chemical sciences
  • Education of the public regarding the chemical industry
  • Enhancement of professionalism or safety in chemistry

CA seed grants are not intended to fund the following:

  • Research
  • Purchase of equipment, chemistry kits, etc.
  • Travel  exclusively
  • Any activities or  programs that may be considered  illegal in respective areas (states/countries/regions)

Proposal Content

The following information will be required to submit your funding proposals:

Name, affiliation, mailing address, email address, and phone number for the primary contact person.

  • Describe the problem or opportunity.
  • What has been done before within ACS or by others to address the issue?
  • Why should it be of concern to both ACS and the chemical industries?
  • How does it relate to CA's mission?
  • What will be done and by whom?
  • Who will benefit from this effort?
  • What results are expected?
  • What is the total cost of the project or program?
  • What is the total amount you are requesting from CA?
  • What other sources of funding have you pursued? Please provide a detailed list of anticipated expenses.

Submissions are  reviewed and approved by the Committee on Corporation Associates following the spring and fall ACS National Meetings.


February 15: Spring National Meeting

Winners will be notified no later than April 15

July 1: Fall National Meeting

Winners will be notified no later than September 15

All winners will be required to complete the grant report

Should you have any questions regarding the application process or otherwise, contact

Previous Grant Recipients

POLY-IAB, IMP, I&EC, CTA, SOCED, and YCC:  A program at the spring 2018 national meeting dedicated to research and career development for non-Ph.D.s in industry.  

Committee on Technician Affairs (CTA):  Job Search Roadmap webinar to reach a target audience of Chemical Industrial/Technical practitioners in the workforce for 2 years or more. with unexpected/planned job lost or looking for the next level in the career.

ACS Iraq International Chapter:  Training on security and safety, to provide technical expertise and training to improve the best practices in safety and security among chemical professionals and motivate participants to be safety and security minded.

North Carolina Local Section:  Workshop focused on careers in industry for students and postdocs in our region on careers within the polymer and soft matter industries coupled with a networking experience with local industries through NC-ACS.

Midland Local Section:  Workshop on the value of water quality; hosting a region-wide experiment focus on a shared and valuable commodity, water quality.

St. Joseph Valley Local Section:  Networking and professional development conference; host the second Regional Women in Science Conference.

Nigeria International Chapter:  A symposium to bring together academic and industry to inform them of the workforce needs and challenges. 

Washington Local Section:  A workshop on spectroscopic and separation techniques for characterizing some specific samples.

Hungary International Chapter: A course offered on “Professional Communication and Writing in Chemistry”, in Budapest, Szeged, and Debrecen, to aid students in communicating more effectively in the industrial and academic workforce.

Malaysia International Chapter:  One day workshop entitled “Bridging the Gap between Industry and Chemical Graduates”.